Monday, September 02, 2013

Sunday Morning Musings - Part 143, a return at the end of summer.

Shall we start off with flowers?

Happy Anniversary to Lee & Chuck, have a great day! (again)

So I'm back..... 

Javea June 2013 - Blue Dome
Ok, now I know I have probably been missed by the mass ranks of readers out there, but fear not (or fear, if you feel that is the right response) I have returned.

I am also more than aware that when I say massed ranks, I may be exaggerating, as although I would like to believe that thousands hang on my every word, and that I have a trillion followers, I know deep down that I don’t (actually I know from the stats, so who am I trying to fool).  So where have I been? well not hiding out in a little church in Spain (above, however the blue tiled roof would have won me over long before religion got a look in)

I think with all bloggers, on one occasion or more,  the will to blog deserts you... phuth... there it goes, no explanation, no marching band, just a "meh" and it's off, your blogging mojo goes on an unexpected vacation. When it does come back, you feel like you have let your readers down, and although I do though have a tight band of loyal followers (you mad fools, you know who you are), I know that I can't just wing it on charm, grammar, wit, photos, decent punctuation, but there has to be something of my own chutzpah in there and if that feeling deserts you for a while, then until it comes back, everything goes on hold. 

There is a feeling with me too, that all the varieties of new media can take some of the blame as well, and I am happy to put my hand up (although still feeling guilty - damn that catholic upbringing) to using it. Why post chapter and verse, when an Instagram photo and one line can suffice, or a status update on Facebook can convey a mood, your life, your liking of bacon. You can even tweet your life on Twitter (which I have forestalled so far)


Posting on my blog, is almost like writing a letter to a friend. It is more personal and while I know a picture can speak a thousand words, I honestly feel that the written word can convey much more than emotions as well as feelings, it can help to unravel all the junk sloshing around in your head, but maybe that is just me. Coincidently, and strangely enough, I wrote the first letter to a friend for the first time in years just this weekend, and there was something very comforting in doing so.

I do think there is room in this day and age for the mass of media available to us all, however I think that before we engage with it all, we think beforehand, because in many instances, we care not one wit if you like bacon or not..

Garden from Hedgerow

So the twinned mysterious worlds of LalaLand and Weenworld have been watching planet Earth (from our embassy in the truly sunny MK) suffering from a somewhat strange series of meteorological fluctuations recently. Allegedly this has been caused by something in the Earth’s solar system, called the “Sun”. 

In simple terms, this “Sun” is apparently a raging ball of flame suspended in the centre of the known universe, and heats the variety of planets within, with, what the inhabitants of Earth call, “Rays” (we’re keeping it simple space cadets, so no prizes for knocking the physics on this). Anyhow, the knock on effect from this raging ball of flame is felt as this thing called “heat” and it is having such an effect on some of the inhabitants of Earth, during this season called ”Summer”.

Some of the population choose to bare white stick like things, called arms and legs, and in some cases, over 90% of their body mass. Then they actively attempt to roast themselves, by rubbing unguents into their flesh and lying completely still. Similar activity has been seen on numerous Sundays across the land, when pieces of ruminant flesh are cooked all over the country for consumption. Others opt for cooling beverages... bet you can guess what I go for, bearing in mind I am from "Up North", we are not used to Sun.

Javea June 2013 - Ice. Cold. Beer

More frighteningly, the mass exodus of the population to the coastal areas of the country will surely result in the whole of the mass tilting to a dangerous level, whereby whole parts of the land mass will sink or slide into the sea?  It is all very confusing!
There are even some Earthlings (under 30 years of age) that say it is a warning, or omen, as they have never seen such a bright shining hot ball in the sky before!

Meanwhile here in jolly olde Great Britain, sceptics amongst us are bracing themselves for the inevitable Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to ride out across the country laying waste to the land, as who can truly ignore the signs?
  1. The British Lions won the rugby in Australia,
  2. The English Cricket team have won the Ashes series (against Australia again),
  3. An Englishman has won the Tour de France (it’s always jolly nice to hear “God Save the Queen” being played on the Champs Elysées),
  4. And behold, a Britain has won the Men’s final at Wimbledon. Strangely, the chap that won it seems to have two identities as when he loses a match he is a “plucky Scot”, when he wins, he is a “British Hero”…….
  5. Oooh and we’ve just had a Royal Baby.. You just know that Burger King will probably bring out a Big Baby Royale or something just as tasteful. (Never thought I’d use the word tasteful when talking about fast food, but hey)

With all this goodwill and luck running around, the blue bird of happiness is bound to be sucked into the jet engine of the nearest passing Dreamliner.... finally giving them an excuse to have  a fire on board!

Javea June 2013 - Morning Sail II

Here at home life has been ticking over, and while nothing can take away the pain and upset of losing Peter’s Mum recently, the sad news is tempered by the fact that we will be Great Uncles again later in the year, as my niece and her brilliantly talented (chef)  boyfriend are expecting a baby.

Life does throw curve balls at you though, and sometimes it can be relentless, it can sap your strength and leave you feeling confused and dazed. However, the friendships and bonds we form throughout our lives, with our friends, and our families, should be enough to sustain and support us, and that my friends, is a very great gift.
We are extraordinarily fortunate, Peter and me, that we have had the love and support we have had these past 18 months or more, and I hope in time we can reciprocate to everyone.

Hover Fly001

So moving forward, we are planning some vacation time. The contract I was working on ended some 6 weeks ago, so there are still a number of plans to sort out in the garden, or chores around the house, (depending on the “Sun”, but secretly I am looking forward to opening the back wall of the kitchen, sitting on the deck, and watching the wee mouse that lives in the shed, for a while at least, before I have to actually tidy out the shed!

Have a great week folks, it is nice to be back :o)


  1. Aww... Thanks Roo!
    Calling my blogging intermittent would be generous. Several things did me in: life got crazy; I discovered Twitter; I joined Facebook (Heaven help me!); Apple discontinued its support of RSS feeds and now Blogger opens my page at a glacial pace.
    Geez, did I complain about enough things? ;o)

    Maybe I need to go sit on that Blogger glacier and do some writing...

    Your photos, as always, are beautiful.
    It's lovely to catch up with you this way.
    - Lee (and Chuck too)

    1. Hey Lee, don't get me started on Apple! My WiFi and Bluetooth have packed in on my phone and neither Apple or my service provider Orange want to take responsibility for it. So I will bide my time, and remove both of the from my life as soon as possible ;o)


      Roo xx

  2. Is so good to have you back again! Enjoy the sunshine as long as it lasts, we've had awful weather, so I am very thankful that winter is drawing to a close. I love that it's getting lighter earlier and that the chill is starting to ease up on us a little; not to mention the rain... Looking forward to having our sun back again, thank you!!

    Sending lots of love XXX

    PS. Love the pics, esp the boy in the tree, the beer, the bug, the boat - is gorgeous!