Sunday, April 14, 2013

Variety is the Spice of life

Herbs & Spices 010

So, since February I have been languishing in the land of the un-contracted contractor. If I was an actor I would be resting, as it is, I sometimes think I am only play acting at my job, as it still surprises me that I can keep down a day job, when I think personally some of my best thoughts are when I am shaving... but hey it takes all sorts.

I decided (with Peter as back up) to start looking at contracted work after resigning my full-time post last June, and yes, we are lucky that we can make that sort of decision, especially in this day and age.
It was similar to the time that I decided to leave the Hotel and Catering trade behind, I was worried that making such a jump would herald a whole host of issues, insecurities, and a gnashing of teeth, but to be honest, now that I have dipped my toe in the water, and have had six months with another company under my belt, the idea of being in-between jobs isn't as daunting as I had anticipated.

Herbs & Spices 009

As of tomorrow, I start a new contract for the next three months, based close to home too, so no sitting in a car for three hours a day! It'll stop me thinking about all the stuff I said I would do and never got around to.. so no probs there either.

Herbs & Spices 007

One thing I did do while I have been at home, was to sort out all the crap in the pantry... all those half empty packets, out of date tins, and packets of unidentifiable things that lurk in the back.
Now, instead of shifting twenty things to get to the tin you want, everything is gently ordered into pull-out containers and baskets. It also means that all the stuff we go to regularly, is there in front of us, not on the bottom or very top shelves like they were. You'll have guessed by the pictures that the spices and herbs took some sorting!

At one point nearly every surface in the kitchen had stuff on it, with the overspill being stacked on the floor. It looked liked we had been robbed by a team of chefs with slight OCD.

Herbs & Spices 004

I also managed to make Marmalade for the first time in ages, and we tried it with breakfast this morning, and I have to admit, it's pretty good. Top tip from my friend Glen on the sugar, and it worked (preserving sugar).


Personally, I think the new contract will break me out of this snap of domestic God-ness, just so I don't go overboard and start my own tea room, or start giving the WI a run for their money.

Right, short and sweet (and spicy too) Have a good week folks.

Colour in the Kitchen


  1. So good to have you back!! Photos are awe-inspiring as always! Love the knitted hats for the eggs :o) Enjoy getting back into new routines!

    Sue X

  2. Hi Roo -
    Ditto what Sue wrote!
    You must think I fell off the face of the earth. Not quite. All hell broke loose in Boston (Despite close proximity all family and friends are blessedly safe.) and then we went to Maine. Without my RSS feed I have been a poor visitor of my friend's blogs - that means Sue too!
    Best of luck on the new contract!
    Love and hugs to both you and Peter!
    - Lee
    P.S. You should collaboarte with Ronnie on some more teeny egg hats! ;o)

  3. Hey Sue & Lee

    Thanks for commenting, I always feel grateful when a comment is left, and always appreciate them.

    Sue - the photo assignments have been great, keep it up!
    Lee - I'll see if Ronnie can knit any faster than Angie my sister ;o) Oh and say hi to Morgan for me!

    Cheers xx