Monday, March 25, 2013

20 Years


So what were you doing on the 25th of March 1993?

Well I was gearing myself up to meet the man of my life. We hadn't met before, we knew only the briefest of things about each other, and yet, by the time the evening was over, we knew everything we needed to know.

In the following 20 years, we have learned more about each other, we've grown together, become Civil-Partners; become God-Parents, Great Uncles, and Best Men. We've learned to grieve together, laugh together, and make the decisions jointly, that have affected our lives.

In all of this we have had the support of our family and friends, without whom, we would be lost. We are lucky in life that we are surrounded by these people, and I am more than lucky as I have my man by my side.

There are two people to thank for giving both me and Peter the impetus to make all this happen, one we lost touch with and one we don't see enough of, so Paul, if by any chance you are out there and here of this, then thank you, and Bruce, well it has to be, cheers Marmite. 


  1. Congratulations to you and Peter on Twenty happy years together!!!
    May you always know love, comfort, joy and contentment together!
    Lee and Chuck

  2. Thanks again Lee!
    When we will have been together 25 years, we will also celebrate 10 years of civil partnership the same year, so I think there will be a wee bit of a do! :o)xx

  3. You almost make me want to get married again ;o) 20 years is quite a feat, well done!!!

    And thanks for giving me a good enough reason to have a celebratory glass of vino tonight!

    Love always,
    Sue X

  4. Hey Sue

    Hope you enjoyed your wine. Thanks for the best wishes ;o) xx