Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Morning Musings - Part 142

Well, My man is in Madrid until Wednesday, then back for a night until he goes off to visit the folks, back in Spain, (don't ask why he couldn't just fly from Madrid on an internal flight, as that would mean a rant cursing the short-sightedness of his work's travel agency... the useless bast*rds).... so anyhow, while there is a Thai green curry heating up in the oven, I've got just enough time to post these pictures,

And sign off until next week... short but sweet. Have a great week


  1. Hi Roo -
    I love the yellow chilies photo (03), especially the way the focus shifts as the peppers recede to the rear of the shot. I also like the open space in the 05 photo. I wonder what it would be like if the same shot could have just a wee bit of focus on the yellow peppers...?

    Peter's itinerary sounds even worse than our flying from Boston to Atlanta to get to Seattle!
    Hope you both enjoy the week and any and all time you have together!
    - Lee

  2. Hey Lee - I've threaded the yellow chillies now, so next time, I shall try and see if I can get them into more focus ;o)

    Cheers, how's your man doing? x