Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Morning Musings - Part 140

So I missed posting anywhere near Halloween or Fireworks night too, so here is s clever piece of marketing from those wonderful people at Lyle's. Two of their products must have been the staple of many a pantry over the years, and despite many reincarnations of these products, such as squeezable bottles and such, they have remained faithful to packaging Black Treacle and Golden Syrup in tins, so similar to the ones my mother used, that I cannot notice any differences.

Once thing I forgot to mention, is that we had a great time the week before the 5th of Nov, attending the firework display at Milton Keynes Village, and it was superb! They really do a good show, and I hope they raised enough money for the good causes they collect for. And.. a really big thank you to Paul, for fixing our tap, you're a star ;o)

One thing though, if you bake, these two products are a must. It's good to know that some firms have such faith in their products...  and employ people with some wit an humour too!

Tonight sees me and Peter catching up with the rugby on TV (I'm multi tasking), having chilled over the weekend, after coming back from a super vacation in the Lake District with friends and family. It seemed to go so quickly, but as always, we had a super time.

We managed to get out for a walk every day, and while the weather wasn't the best, we still managed to enjoy ourselves, and when the sun did come out the views where breathtaking.
As always we fed ourselves well, laughed our way through the week and got to spend time with our Great-Niece Poppy ;o)

One thing you need to appreciate about the Lake District is that no view is the same over any two days, and when you wake up in the morning and this is what you are looking out at, then you can't help thinking that nature has the upper hand every time!

Breaking in new boots was always going to be an issue, but once you get past that first blister, and the urge to weep, then you are fine. I always remind myself that there is nothing worse getting up in the morning on the second day of skiing, because those ski boots are never, ever, ever, going to get any softer.... curse you snow boarders!

I'm looking forward to see what we can come up with for next year, as we are still trying to find the ultimate experience... A well equipped cottage, in a small village, with a local shop, a really good pub and a great selection of walks... it's out their somewhere, and it will be fun trying to find it!

The pub let us down this time around (and less the lack of shop), I can pay £3.50 a pint here in MK, I don't expect to pay that in the Lakes!  Beer was good though... darn.

Yesterday I managed to catch up with my friend Stephen, who is moving to Belgium to be with is partner Chris. It was a good catch up over coffee and cake, but not long enough really, and we missed Chris going over. So I hope this next step in their life goes well, good luck guys!

As always, thanks to A&C too, for chicken watch. They are fine and dandy and we have a wee something for you as a thank you (scrummy things)

Right, short and sweet, have a great week and we'll catch up next weekend (once I have hoovered up all the leaves that have been dumped in the garden while we have been away!) The rest of the pics are over on Flickr, or on the side bar as a slideshow, hope you enjoy them, cheers!



  1. Gorgeous photos Sir!
    Our recent vacation in Maine found us out beachcombing in the mornings and walking on the trails every afternoon. We'd come back to the room to crash (and have a splash of bourbon for medicinal purposes!) then walk to dinner in town. It was perfect. We even found a couple of new walks which were lovely.
    Our main challenge remains: how do we get more of that rhythm in our everyday lives? (Yes, the bourbon is no problem...)

    So glad your family trip to the Lake District was enjoyable and restorative - blisters and a less than stellar pub notwithstanding!
    Hope you and Peter have a great week!
    Lee and Chuck too

  2. Looks like you had an awesome break!! Photos were stunning and have made me re-think visiting the UK again some day. At least the countryside bit of the UK. Of course, we watched the rugby here too!!!

    Sue X

    PS. Plenty of pubs here ;o)